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Reading Between The Lines On Your Touring Caravan Insurance Quote

Over recent years, the insurance industry has tried hard to simplify and make clearer, the basic caravan insurance quotation. Yet even with these improvements, it may still be necessary to read your touring caravan insurance quote carefully to understand whether or not it is likely to be suitable for your needs.

That will enable you to reach an informed decision as to which insurance to purchase.

Yet getting a quotation may not always be quite as easy as it seems.

For example, some insurers may decline to offer you a quotation if you have previously made a claim on a caravan insurance policy. By contrast, we will be more than happy to give you a quote, even if you do have such a claims history.

The typical touring caravan insurance quote often contains a wealth of information other than the bottom line price. In fact, we would normally advise that the price is something worthy of consideration only once you have established whether or not the policy is likely to be suitable for you.

How may you be able to tell?

That is a difficult question because it depends so much upon your personal circumstances, the nature of your caravan and your own personal views as to what you expect by way of protection.

To give an example, we are proud of our policy’s offer of a replacement caravan on a new-for-old basis (following claim approval) for a caravan that is up to three years old – even if it has had a number of prior owners before you purchased it.

You may find, however, that some other insurers may only do so if you have been the sole owner of caravan since it was new.

We also have in place options for new for old replacement of caravans that are up to five years old, if you have been the sole owner.

That is an illustration of just one of the differences that you may find between our touring caravan insurance policies and those of others. What nobody can tell you is how important such differences are to you and how much value you place upon each of them.

In a nutshell, that is why it is so important to study your touring caravan insurance quote carefully and to review what it is offering against the backdrop of your caravan and the way you use it. Doing so with our quotations may show you the quality of the cover we are able to offer.