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Thinking About Cheap Touring Caravan Insurance

If you are looking at an advertisement for cheap touring caravan insurance, it might be advisable to look closely at what it is offering.

That’s because you very probably have a large chunk of your money tied up in your touring caravan and having inappropriate touring caravan insurance just might be tantamount to gambling with that same money.

The bottom line is, of course, that in insurance, you may find that there is a relationship between the breadth and quality of cover that is on offer and the price you are paying.

For example, if you consider some aspects of our touring caravan insurance, you may be impressed to see that:

  • we will offer you a quotation even if you have previously had claims against your caravan insurance policy;
  • if something happens to your touring caravan and it is up to five years old, then after claim approval we will offer you a new-for-old replacement – even if your caravan has had multiple previous owners (unlike some insurers who may only do so if you have had your caravan since new).

These are just two examples but we hope the principle is clear – it may be important that you focus on finding cover that is meaningful to the way you live your life and use your caravan, rather than search exclusively for cheap touring caravan insurance.

In general terms, what someone else considers to be cheap may, depending upon subsequent circumstances and events, not prove to be cheap for you at all.

It is also usually a very good idea to closely examine, not only the cover that a policy provides, but also its terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions are sometimes inaccurately portrayed in popular myth as existing to justify bureaucracy and ‘red tape’. It may be potentially dangerous to believe this and simply to ignore these conditions.

They exist to define the respective responsibilities of both parties and they may have a material effect on your ability to successfully make a claim against your policy in due course.

If you are considering a policy that describes itself as “cheap touring caravan insurance”, it may be highly advisable to check the terms and conditions (and exclusions) to ensure that the policy is providing you with a cover framework you require.