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Why choose Cover4Caravans?

It is a perfectly good question.

There are many providers of caravan insurance in the marketplace, so why should you choose Cover4Caravans when you are engaged in something such as caravan insurance reviews?

The following is just a sample of some of the points that may differentiate between our touring caravan service and that of others:

  • we can provide Hobby caravan insurance. This make of German vehicle has been traditionally either difficult or expensive (or both) to cover;
  • we offer 280 days of continental cover as standard;
  • no age limits for owners – whether at the upper or lower levels of the age spectrum;
  • renewal discounts by way of a loyalty bonus for staying with us;
  • no age limits on the vehicle’s cover – though for older caravans replacement is based upon market value rather than new-for-old;
  • discounts for a range of circumstances.

If you are the owner of a static caravan, then don’t worry because there are related advantages for you also:

  • once again, we apply no age limits for owners;
  • we are pleased to recognise the typically increased responsibility that comes with age and will offer discounts for older owners;
  • we may be able to apply a no claims discount for new caravan owners based upon your existing motor or household policy histories.

Perhaps above all, we recognise that you have a choice and that service is often a key differentiator between insurance providers. That is why we believe we offer an exemplary service culture that will ensure you receive the best of attention coupled with superb products delivered in a cost-effective framework.

Yet we are also a very human company.  We do not believe that exceptional service can only be provided in a mechanistic fashion and delivered by rote.

That’s why we will welcome your contact however you choose to get in touch. We know that not everybody feels entirely comfortable with communicating through websites and the internet and that is why we would be only too happy to speak to you on a human-to-human basis via our telephone service.

So, if you need advice and guidance why not give us a call? We are always happy to speak to people on an entirely non-committal basis and it will give us an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and friendliness to you!