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Your Park Home Insurance Quote

Before discussing a park home insurance quote, it may be advisable to check that there is no misunderstanding about the typical definition of a parkhome.

The typical parkhome

Somewhere in your insurance documentation or quotation, you may see something that outlines the provider’s definition of what they consider to be a parkhome.

Typically, you may find that their definition runs along the lines of:

  • it is a dwelling located on a local council approved site;
  • the site may need to be approved for parkhome and permanent occupation use – some insurance providers may not consider that a standard caravan park will meet this definition;
  • it is a property that you occupy as your permanent and normal place of residence (perhaps including registration on the local electoral roll).

You may find that this definition also specifically excludes static caravans located on static caravan parks. Your parkhome insurance quote will cover parkhomes but there is an entirely separate policy that would cover static caravans.

Parkhome caravan insurance quote considerations

It may be advisable to be cautious with parkhomes that are located in areas with a known history of flooding. Keep in mind that this may not just be sites near rivers – coastal areas may also be very vulnerable.

You may find that a parkhome caravan insurance quote might exclude property located in such areas or apply special tariffs/conditions.

If you wish to find out more about the location of a parkhome site and associated flooding risks, you may be able to obtain information from your local council or some insurance providers – the latter may keep databases of such risks and incidents.

In terms of contents, a parkhome caravan insurance quote may operate on a similar basis to many other forms of property and contents insurance.

You may, for example, be able to obtain discounts if you fit special security locks and burglar alarms etc.

Some policies may also apply conditions to the type of contents that they will cover (e.g. cash on the property may only be covered to a specified maximum level).

Empty property considerations

It might be worth checking carefully your parkhome insurance quote to see what, if anything, it stays about insurance cover for unoccupied parkhomes.

You may find that your property you will be covered if it is unoccupied up to a specified maximum number of days, after which, special insurance provisions may be required.

Given that your parkhome may stand unoccupied for lengthy periods in a number of unanticipated situations (e.g. extended delays if you are on an overseas business assignment), this may be something worth checking carefully.

To be sure that the insurance you are purchasing/renewing is fit for your purpose, it is highly advisable to very carefully read the terms and conditions of any parkhome insurance quote.