Caravan Security and Insurance Video

So when we’re looking at touring caravans, what security issues do you need, as an insurer, to make sure I have in place?

Okay, the market has changed significantly. Theft of caravans is decreasing, so different insurance companies will have different security requirements. As far as cover for caravans is concerned, for all of our touring caravan schemes at the moment, we ask for a hitch lock and a wheel clamp to be fitted to the caravan when it is not attached to a towing vehicle.

The simple reason being is hopefully the removal of these devices, by having both in place makes it far more complicated for a thief to attempt to steal the caravan, and if he can remove the wheel clamp he also has to find a way to detach the hitch lock to hook it to the vehicle, to get the caravan.

The downside is obviously that if someone comes along with a low loader just to lift it up you’re in trouble. But the other side of that coin is obviously the chance of that happening in a residential street, hopefully someone will notice that.

The other stipulation I would like to point out to our customers is that we also do insist on a wheel clamp being fitted to the vehicle when it’s attached to the towing vehicle but left unattended. The reason being is we’ve had quite a lot of thefts from service stations. So when people pop in for a couple of hours and have their lunch or their breakfast on the way to their holiday, they come back and the caravan’s been stolen from the back of the car. By putting the wheel clamp on their while it’s at the service station it just makes it more secure.