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Caravan site may close to free green space

A Caravan site at Crystal Palace Park may be forced to close to free up green space.

The Caravan Club site, which has 134 pitches, may be asked to move to clear space at the park’s Rockhills entrance.

The London developments agency is currently holding talks with Caravan Club about its lease.

Caravan club has estimated that visitors to the site, which was full on Friday according to South London Press, contribute around £2 million every year to the local economy.

One visitor, Michael Lawrence, who was staying with his wife, said according to icLondon: “It is a lovely place and ideally located for everything you could want to see in London.”

He added: “The park is so vast, why would they want any more green space?”

But a Caravan Club spokeswoman was confident. She said: “We very much hope to continue to run a site at the Crystal Palace location for many years to come.”

“The site remains extremely popular with Caravan Club members and tourists from the UK and overseas.”

Caravan Club has had a site at Crystal Palace Park ever since the Festival of Britain in 1951.