Caravan Storage and Insurance Video

So I have my caravan insured with you, why do you keep asking me about where it’s stored?

Okay, we cover both statics and tourers on this. In respect to touring caravans, we need to know where you keep the caravan when it’s not in use. Generally most people keep it at home or some kind of dedicated storage location. We need to underwrite that to make sure that we’re happy with where you’re storing it.

There’s nowhere in the UK that we generally don’t cover, but for example if you’re keeping it at home and you suddenly decide to keep it on your mate’s farm where there’s no locked gates, there might be no CCTV and anyone can go in and borrow your caravan on a permanent basis, then it could be a problem for us. Which is why it is part of the policy conditions that you need to notify us of any change in storage location and we need to preapprove that.

Generally it’s not a problem, but the sort of things we’re looking for is obviously is it secured? What sort of size are the gates? Are they locked? Is it in a dedicated storage area? Normally it’s fine.

In respect of static caravans: normally they’re not moved around as often to different storage locations, but we ask for the site where it is kept. Again, for us, we would generally only look to insure static caravan sites where there is a full service available. If it is on a static site which is just left open to the elements all year round and there is no security and anyone can get access to it, it would be a problem. But to be honest I can’t remember the last time I saw one of those.

You just need to remember: if you change the site of either your static caravan or your touring caravan, where that’s stored, you need to contact us and then we will update the policy.

It’s on your schedule, so we talked about it in a earlier video, and then we’ll reissue and you’ll end up fully covered. If you don’t advise us of the change in storage location and you have a claim, and as a result of that it’s a storage location we wouldn’t accept, you could find that your claim for that theft might not be covered, so it is quite serious.

All you’re doing is to remember to pick up the phone to us, send us an email, there’s no post-sale barrier to you making that change to your policy, and everything we send to you: the schedule, the statement of fact, the key facts, we do highlight that that is something that you need to let us know about.