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Caravan torched at Lough Key

A caravan and a van have been destroyed by two separate fires at Lough Key Caravan Park in Rockingham, County Roscommon.

The Gardai and Boyle fire teams were called to Lough Key Caravan Park when the blaze was noticed at 2.20am last Saturday.

Although the fire service extinguished both blazes, fire fighters had been too late to save the caravan, which had been gutted in the incident.

Believing the fires to have been started deliberately, Gardai officers sealed off the scene and waited at the Caravan Park for crime scene investigators to arrive from Roscommon on Sunday.

The mobile home was parked at the entrance of the Caravan Park and due to its usual facility as a daytime security base, it happened to be unoccupied when the vehicle went up in flames. The man who owned the newly registered van was asleep in his tent while the fire was started.

Two youngsters in their teens were arrested by the Gardai for being intoxicated when they ran from the scene as the squad cars approached.

After being questioned at Boyle Garda Station, the youths have now been released to their parents while investigations continue, the Roscommon Herald reports.

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