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Caravanners can’t take a break

A governmental campaign which is being promoted in order to encourage tired drivers to ‘Take a Break’ may be compromised by the poor services at motorway stops, GEM Motoring Assist (GEM) claims.

While motorists should always stop when tired, some caravanners may count themselves lucky that they can, to some extent, be self-sufficient, as GEM says that motorway service stations are of poor quality, lack facilities and are expensive.

Road Safety campaigner GEM says that the government should cut the cost of running motorway services so that they can afford to improve their offerings, so caravanners and motorists can afford to take essential breaks.

“There is no question that a tired driver overcome by the numbing boredom of many of our motorways is a danger on the road,” said David Williams, chief executive of GEM

“The trouble is people will press on with the journey long after they need a rest from the monotony because the service stations are so unattractive and unappealing.”

Pointing to the services bombarding travellers with garish shops, noisy gaming arcades and restaurants serving low quality food at inflated prices, Mr Williams said: “If the Department for Transport is serious about its campaign that urges motorway drivers to “Take a Break, Tiredness can Kill” it should put stronger controls on the massive groups operating chains of service stations to change their attitude, and make it economically viable for them to do so.”

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