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Caravanners confusion over council tax

For those who use their static caravan as a permanent residence or use any other motorhome as the main address, councils have warned that owners may be liable for a council tax bill.

East Lindsey District Council has launched a campaign to make caravanners aware that they may owe council tax, as many seem to think they are exempt.

Authorities carry out regular inspections of properties across Lincolnshire and have warned caravan residents to check whether they are paying the correct levels of council tax.

The council’s revenues service manager, Sharon Hammond, told Linconshire Coast: “Anyone using a caravan as their main home could be issued with a backdated bill.”

It seems that many people mistakenly think that they are exempt from council tax if they leave their caravan for a few weeks or months due to sites closing down out of season.

Yet for caravanners who have no other permanent residence for the rest of the year, council tax will still be due in most cases.

Luckily, caravanners need not worry too much about being confused about caravan insurance.

Mike Stammers of Cover4Caravans says that caravanners are increasingly taking up motorhome insurance policies due to the simplicity of the process. “It’s fairly simple to do; it’s not a particularly complicated policy and its documents are quite simple,” he said.