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Caravanners leading green charge

With the number of people choosing a caravan holiday over taking a flight overseas increasing this summer, caravanners are already doing their bit for the environment by leaving less of a carbon footprint than aeroplane passengers.

Caravanners will make up may of the nine million Brits who will take a road holiday in 2007 while as many as 12 million UK tourists fly to the most popular holiday destination Spain alone over the same time period, with each passenger causing 0.26 tonnes of CO2 gas to be emitted.

Yet it seems that caravanners are prepared to do even more to keep the countryside clean and the ecosystem healthy while they go on their caravan holidays.

According to a survey by Discover Leisure, three-quarters of caravanners said they recycle while on campsites. Even more conscientiously, 83 per cent of campers and caravanners said they would consider fitting solar panels on their caravan or tent.

In addition, caravanners are concerned about helping the British economy, with 47 per cent of caravanners saying they try to buy local produce exclusively while on their caravan trip. A further 48 per cent said they prefer to buy local produce where it is possible.

Commenting, Frances Turner of caravan suppliers Barrons, said: “Compared to the likes of jet planes, ship cruises and high maintenance hotels, camping and caravanning is holidaying in its most natural and ethical form – with minimal damage to the environment.”

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