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Caravanners should check tyres before travel

As vital an ingredient as caravan insurance for a safe and happy caravan holiday, reliable tyres should not be overlooked, Tyresafe has said.

According to the tyre safety organisation, caravanners should check the tyres on the caravan as well as the towing car before each and every journey, an issue especially relevant at the moment with flooding on the roads.

Tyresafe recommends that touring caravan tyres should be replaced after seven years and checked for degradation and cracking along the sidewall before the summer holidays, which can be caused by dormancy.

Caravanners should be aware that the minimum legal tread depth for caravans is 1.6mm for the inner 75 per cent of the tread width.

While many caravanners forget about checking the tyre pressure of their caravan, either a poorly inflated tyre or one that has too much air in it can cause serious handling and stability issues. Tyresafe recommends that inflation is measured when the tyre is cold to ensure an accurate reading.

The organisation also says that caravanners should be sure to check the spare tyre in case it is needed in a breakdown situation.

Even if you have checked your tyres, accidents do, sadly, occur, which is why caravanners should check that their caravan insurance policy is up-to-date. If you do suffer a breakdown and require emergency removal, Cover4Caravans will cover that for you.

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