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Caravanners urged to double security

Caravanners are being urged to double their security measures after a spate of caravan thefts in Cambridgeshire.

Six caravans were stolen during the last two weeks from towns in the county, highlighting the need for an up-to-date caravan insurance policy for those who own caravans.

The total value of the caravans stolen – which included a Hobby Deluxe, a Safari, a Coachman Pastiche and an Elddis Savannah – was £42,500.

The figure includes equipment that was stolen along with the caravans – which only some caravan insurance policies cover.

Community safety manager Trevor Bracken said, according to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph: “Those responsible for these crimes have easily removed the traditional security devices such as hitch locks and wheel clamps. This is an indication that caravan owners need to rethink their security.

“Owners of caravans should consider installing tracking equipment which helps police trace their caravan if it is stolen. Post-coding is recommended and can aid the identification of a stolen caravan,” he added.

Up-to-date caravan insurance is also important in the wake of the thefts.