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Caravanners waste two weeks per year in traffic jams

Caravanners in the UK risk spending a fortnight of every year sitting in queuing traffic, with the worst jams occurring during bank holidays, according to Zurich Finance.

During the first May bank holiday, 76 per cent of drivers reported they had been in a traffic jam, with 11 per cent complaining of six-hour queues.

Over the Easter and May Day bank holidays 10.5 million people got stuck in queuing traffic, with the M25 and the M1 considered to be the worst motorways for jams.

Although nearly half of drivers said their local city roads were the worst for delays, 20 per cent believed the worst queues were on the country’s motorways.

Yet caravanners are a resourceful lot, with 32 per cent of drivers stuck in jams saying they sing to relieve the boredom and 31 per cent saying they daydream.

However, caravanners had better beware of other bored motorists, as 12 per cent of people admit to having attempted a risky manoeuvre to escape the jams and a shocking one in 20 have even driven along the hard shoulder.

With drivers like that on the roads, caravan fans should be sure to take out full caravan insurance in case their motorhome gets sidelined by an irresponsible motorist.