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Caravanning Causes Controversy Again!

The normally peaceful world of caravanning has been making waves in the press again this week following reports of local authority planning disagreements.

Hot on the heels of foreign secretary Margaret Beckett being forced to forego her usual caravan holidays due to security issues, councillors in Somerset are at loggerheads over proposals to build a new caravan park.

While Cheddar parish council have given the plans their seal of approval, neighbouring Dreycott parish council has objected on the grounds that the site would destroy green land.

The 13-acre development would be located in picturesque Nylands crossroads, giving caravan owners an escape route to the country.

Both sides of the argument will be heard by Sedgemoor planners who will then grant or deny planning permission for the development.

Rural Somerset is a popular retreat for caravanners thanks to its unspoilt scenery and abundance of country pursuits. The proposed park would provide caravan owners with a convenient base to explore the south of England.

For the most part caravanning is an environmentally friendly hobby, says Richard Burgess, of caravan insurance specialist Cover4Caravans. Modern caravan park developments are very much aware of the impact they have on the countryside and endeavour to minimise damage and disruption as much as possible. In areas such as Somerset, the natural charms of the surrounding area play a big part in attracting visitors so its important that these are retained.

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