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Caravans to the rescue

Thousands of people who have been hit by the recent floods in parts of Britain have been assisted by caravans to temporarily house them before they are able to return to their homes.

Some people have been forced to pitch up caravans in their gardens to keep an eye on their property, in case it becomes a target for looters. While in some cases, local councils have provided caravans due to a shortage of temporary housing.

Caravan suppliers in East Yorkshire report being inundated with orders from individuals affected by the flooding as well as insurers and councils.

Halifax Insurance told the Guardian that it is buying up caravans for its clients in Hull. “Some of them would like to stay in their house but we can’t always recommend this because of health and safety issues. Many of them consider a caravan to be the next best thing,” a spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Doncaster Council has asked caravan manufacturer Swift for 100 static caravans and Cosalt Caravans for an additional 50.

While kindly caravan companies have offered to lease mobile homes to those made homeless by the floods, the local authority said that that it hoped it would not have to rely on the offer. “I hope we can house people with our existing stock – at the moment we can,” a councillor said.

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