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Tips on carrying out a caravan insurance review

Some owners of a touring caravan may never bother with a touring insurance review. If you are one of them, you may argue that the only time you wish to think about your insurance is at annual renewal time and even then,...Read more

Buying a second hand caravan

Second hand caravans tend to hold their price very well – the Caravan Club, for example, goes so far as to say that a second hand caravan does so far better than a new one. If you are just starting out or if you...Read more

Why use a caravan awning?

Even the most ardent caravanner may at times find it hard to deny that any typical caravan, be it tourer, static or motorhome, might at times be a little short of space. Admitting that space may be an issue though is not the...Read more

Paws of Approval and Countryfile live …

While the start of June was a bit of a washout for Britain, then the last few weeks’ of sunshine suggests that the long-awaited summer is finally here! To celebrate, here are a few tidbits of news that might give you an...Read more

£9.3bn a year spent by UK caravanners and campers

It seems that caravanning and camping has never been more popular – it has certainly grown into a multi-million pound industry that is a pillar of the British tourism industry. A recent comprehensive study by the UK Caravan and Camping Alliance (UKCCA),...Read more