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Need to know when buying static caravan insurance

One caravan insurance policy might seem pretty much like any other, so you may wonder why you need to bother comparing static caravan insurance. After all, given the amount of money that you probably spent on your static caravan,...Read more

Static caravan insurance quote FAQS

If you own a static caravan, of course, you are concerned to protect it in the best way possible – and that means static caravan insurance. To identify the most appropriate insurance cover for your own unique needs, it makes...Read more

Benefits of collapsible water carriers

The humble water carrier – it’s a faithful workhorse on just about any camping or caravanning trip yet how often do you give a second thought to moving with the times and getting the carrier that is best suited...Read more

The EU sandwich-free zone, online shows, UK tourism, and caravan sales

It is a strangely uncertain time for caravan-owners and prospective owners wondering when it will be possible to start touring again. On the heels of successive lockdowns and travel restrictions, many caravan sites have closed, and their reopening depends very...Read more

Getting your caravan ready for next season

This year – just as in most years – getting your caravan ready for the next season is likely to be a game of two halves. In the Spring you are likely to have a checklist of things to...Read more