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Buying a caravan FAQs

Amongst the many other twists and turns of fate, 2020 was most certainly the year for the Great British staycation. With plans for foreign travel put on indefinite hold, huge swathes of the population took to holidays at home....Read more

Using a microwave in your caravan

Oh, the wonders of modern science! What would we do without the trusty microwave oven? On second thoughts, they’re hardly that modern – the first commercial model was available in the UK back in 1958. The convenience, speed, and ease...Read more

Closed, open, closed again … a year for staycations, and other caravan news

It’s definitely been a stop-start year as far as caravanning is concerned. As we enter another closed season, the sombre news spells the end to chances of a weekend getaway in your caravan. As the following highlights suggest, however, the...Read more

Tips for Winter

You’re probably thinking that summer 2020 was over before it even got started. Sad to say, with the winter nights inevitably drawing in, that’s already the case. It’s that time of the year once again, therefore, to consider how –...Read more

Choosing a caravan site

It might be the start of all the fun and excitement of your next caravan holiday – or it could prove a disaster. Choosing the right caravan site for you and your family is likely to make all the...Read more