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Evolution of the static home, staycations, caravan theft warning, and London pickup for motorhomes

Are you looking forward to your next opportunity to hitch up the caravan and take off for a weekend away – or a longer holiday in the great outdoors? Whilst patiently waiting for that day to come around, here are...Read more

Top tips on improving your ‘van

Just when you thought you’d chosen a caravan that was perfect in meeting your every desire, you’ve thought of some small – or not so small – way in which it might be improved still further. And although the modern...Read more

Motorhome and Campervan Awards 2020 winners announced, ABI Coworth static home reviewed, and glamping planned for York Naburn Lock holiday park

Can’t wait to get the caravan hitched up and set off on a Spring outing? That’s hardly surprising, given some of the fierce storms we’ve had to endure this winter. To set your mind at ease that all is still well in the...Read more

Caravan Accessories

60+ tourer owner? Age doesn’t matter

It’s sometimes frustrating that we seem to spend a large part of our lives waiting to reach a certain minimum age where we no longer have to pay extra for our insurance and then shortly after, we start finding...Read more

Choosing a caravan site

Where your caravan is stored when not in use is extremely important - and will influence the price of your touring caravan insurance. Why is this? It is in the very nature of the lightweight construction of a caravan that keeping...Read more