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Some of the latest and greatest caravan gadgets

Caravan outings might have had to take a back-seat these past few months or so. All the better to have given thought to one of those subjects that seems to have perennial appeal to successive generations of caravanners –...Read more

Caravan flood insurance

It probably won’t have escaped your attention that flooding over recent years appears to be becoming more and more commonplace. Scientists are enjoying themselves arguing about whether this is due to global warming or not and if it is, just...Read more

Making the most of your static home

If you find that your static caravan is looking a little tired, then it might be time to think about giving it an overhaul and refresh inside and out. Before offering a few useful top tips that just might help...Read more

Caravan prices, sites to reopen, Wildlife Trusts, and new caravan site for Skegness

Hibernation has lasted quite long enough for your touring caravan this year, so there is good news on the horizon as caravan and campsites are set to reopen. Together with other important snippets of caravan news, here is our round-up...Read more


Caravan towing tips

Whether a kind and understanding friend has lent you theirs for a weekend’s trial or whether you have taken the plunge and already decided to buy your own touring caravan, sooner or later you are going to be faced...Read more