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Caravan Insurance

Top tips on improving your ‘van

Just when you thought you’d chosen a caravan that was perfect in meeting your every desire, you’ve thought of some small – or not so small – way in which it might be improved still further. And although the modern...Read more

Caravan Accessories

60+ tourer owner? Age doesn’t matter

It’s sometimes frustrating that we seem to spend a large part of our lives waiting to reach a certain minimum age where we no longer have to pay extra for our insurance and then shortly after, we start finding...Read more

Things to look for in a caravans insurance comparison

You know the importance of caravan insurance. You also understand that it doesn't always make sense to automatically renew your caravan insurance cover without checking first that you still have the most appropriate cover for your own unique needs....Read more

Tips to beat your current renewal quote

What do you do when your caravan insurance policy comes up for renewal? Do you simply let it automatically renew? Or, do you check to see whether you are still getting the most appropriate policy cover and deal? The natural...Read more

Important message to our customers regarding caravan storage

This is an important reminder to our customers that if you change storage location for your Touring Caravan, you MUST inform us immediately. Failure to do so may invalidate your Insurance Policy. Where can I store my van? It is imperative that we have the correct...Read more