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Caravan Insurance

Board games for rainy days

Even in autumn or on fine days during the winter, you might be tempted to spend some time in your touring caravan or static home. British weather being what it is, though, those stolen moments of appealing sunshine are just...Read more

Your static home: what you need to know

We’re coming towards the end of another season for your holiday home. As Autumn arrives at the end of this month and Winter is on the horizon, it may be helpful to review some of the obligations you are...Read more

Are you looking at caravan insurance reviews?

If you are looking for an opportunity to compare specific caravan insurance products, it makes a lot of sense to read the many touring caravan insurance reviews on offer. From what is a wide field of potential choices, you...Read more

A newbie’s guide to a caravan holiday

If you have just bought your first caravan – or if you have borrowed one to see what caravanning has to offer – you may have all sorts of expectations about the pleasure it is about to bring – for example:   the freedom of the open road;  knowing...Read more

Over 60s touring caravan insurance

If you are an older youngster looking for touring caravan insurance, you may have found it difficult or even too expensive to get covered on the terms offered by some insurers.  You may find that some companies will simply...Read more