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Caravan Insurance

How to compare caravan insurance

At Cover4Caravans, we help you compare caravan insurance online enabling you to find the most cost-effective and appropriate insurance quote. So, if you're carrying out a caravan or static home insurance comparison – whether using our service or not...Read more

Caravan insurance money saving tips

Whether you own a touring caravan or a static caravan used as your holiday home, you are probably aware of the importance of caravan insurance – to protect the ‘van itself, its contents, and the various liabilities with which...Read more

Pimp your static home on a budget

Is your static home looking a little tired and in need of a refresh? Then here are some ideas on how to spruce up your static home on a budget. General principles The static caravan that makes your home away from home is unlikely...Read more

Quick tips on buying a second hand static caravan

If you are considering buying a static caravan for the first time, then there are lots of things you need to think about.  Here we share some tips on things that you may wish to consider but which are sometimes overlooked in the...Read more

Tips on carrying out a caravan insurance review

Some owners of a touring caravan may never bother with a touring insurance review. They may simply automatically renew their cover without checking that is is still relevant. This article explains the importance of carrying out a review and provides...Read more