Caravan Insurance

Ideas for reducing your caravan insurance premium

Whenever you are arranging insurance, your principal goals are likely to include securing the cover and protection you need but at as competitive a price as possible. You are unlikely to be looking for the cheapest cover, but the...Read more

Need to know when buying static caravan insurance

One caravan insurance policy might seem pretty much like any other, so you may wonder why you need to bother comparing static caravan insurance. After all, given the amount of money that you probably spent on your static caravan,...Read more

Static caravan insurance quote FAQS

If you own a static caravan, of course, you are concerned to protect it in the best way possible – and that means static caravan insurance. To identify the most appropriate insurance cover for your own unique needs, it makes...Read more

Using a microwave in your caravan

Oh, the wonders of modern science! What would we do without the trusty microwave oven? On second thoughts, they’re hardly that modern – the first commercial model was available in the UK back in 1958. The convenience, speed, and ease...Read more

Tips for Winter

You’re probably thinking that summer 2020 was over before it even got started. Sad to say, with the winter nights inevitably drawing in, that’s already the case. It’s that time of the year once again, therefore, to consider how –...Read more