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Static Caravan Insurance

Need to know when buying static caravan insurance

One caravan insurance policy might seem pretty much like any other, so you may wonder why you need to bother comparing static caravan insurance. After all, given the amount of money that you probably spent on your static caravan,...Read more

Static caravan insurance quote FAQS

If you own a static caravan, of course, you are concerned to protect it in the best way possible โ€“ and that means static caravan insurance. To identify the most appropriate insurance cover for your own unique needs, it makes...Read more

Your static home: what you need to know

Weโ€™re coming towards the end of another season for your holiday home. As Autumn arrives at the end of this month and Winter is on the horizon, it may be helpful to review some of the obligations you are...Read more

Making the most of your static home

If you find that your static caravan is looking a little tired, then it might be time to think about giving it an overhaul and refresh inside and out. Before offering a few useful top tips that just might help...Read more

Top tips on buying a static caravan

In the UK, there are an estimated 365,000 caravan holiday homes, with the rise of the staycation boosting caravan holidays. It may offer a home from home holiday for you, your family and friends. Plus, you may also have...Read more