Touring Caravan Insurance


Choosing touring caravan insurance

What do you need to consider when your choose your touring caravan insurance? Let’s take a closer look. First of all, there is no legal obligation for caravan insurance as such. But you need motor insurance, of course, for the...Read more

Caravan Accessories

60+ tourer owner? Age doesn’t matter

It’s sometimes frustrating that we seem to spend a large part of our lives waiting to reach a certain minimum age where we no longer have to pay extra for our insurance and then shortly after, we start finding...Read more

The popularity of touring caravan holidays

Some people might tell you that the heyday of caravan holidays in the UK were the decades running from the end of the 1940s through to around the earlier 1970s. Some people might tell you that the heyday of touring...Read more

How to find the best touring caravan insurance quotes

Who sells the best touring cover? That may be the $64,000 question – but it is well-nigh impossible to answer! In reality, the best touring caravan insurance for one person might not be an ideal solution for another.  While your neighbour or...Read more

Why compare touring caravan insurance?

Even if you have been a caravan devotee for a number of years and have had no real complaints about your current insurance deal, you may still find it worthwhile to compare touring caravan insurance. That’s because nothing ever stays entirely the...Read more