Caravan News

Some of the latest and greatest caravan gadgets

Caravan outings might have had to take a back-seat these past few months or so. All the better to have given thought to one of those subjects that seems to have perennial appeal to successive generations of caravanners –...Read more

Enjoy the UK’s Blue Flag Beaches!

In the UK, no matter where you live, you will never be more than 70 miles away from your nearest coastal waters. So, with Summer on its way and, hopefully, fewer lockdown restrictions, why not take advantage of a...Read more

A sneak peek at the latest caravan news

Helping to give our readers the latest developments on all things caravans and caravanning, here is a sneak peak at the latest news. As we gear up for a new season, it might help to stay abreast of developments – especially those...Read more


Have you got Caravan Insurance?

Do you have caravan insurance? If so, you may already be aware of the peace of mind it offers you. After all, your caravan is an expensive asset, and without insurance, it potentially may cost you a fortune to...Read more

Weird caravans

To say that something comes in all shapes and sizes might be something of an overworked description. When applied to some of the caravans that might be encountered, however, nothing could be truer. Ranging from the minute, to the...Read more