What is an Insurance Schedule Video

So what is a Schedule of Insurance and why is it important to me as a customer? Okay, I don’t know what all insurance companies do, but certainly as far as Cover 4 Caravans is concerned, when you take our...Read more

Caravan Insurance Liability Cover Video

So why do have a Liability Cover on my insurance? To be honest, even if your caravan has a really low value, on the liability side it’s probably the best value for money part of the policy. Whether it’s a...Read more

Caravan Storage and Insurance Video

So I have my caravan insured with you, why do you keep asking me about where it’s stored? Okay, we cover both statics and tourers on this. In respect to touring caravans, we need to know where you keep the...Read more

Caravan Security and Insurance Video

So when we’re looking at touring caravans, what security issues do you need, as an insurer, to make sure I have in place? Okay, the market has changed significantly. Theft of caravans is decreasing, so different insurance companies will have...Read more

Caravan Insurance Key Facts Documents Video

So, what is a Key Facts Document, and why is it important for customers A Key Facts Document is provided and should be provided by any insurance broker or insurance company you deal with. What the Key Facts Document should...Read more