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Celebs love caravans too!

CaravansYou might have thought that caravanners are a pretty modest and unassuming breed.

If so, you are likely to be amazed at the celebrity company you are keeping by sharing a passion for the freedom and open air life that a caravan can offer.

Here is just a selection of celebs who have expressed just how much they love their caravans. It’s enough to make you check that your caravan insurance is up to coping with such high-rolling stars of stage and screen – and make sure that your caravan insurance is celeb-worthy!

John Lennon

  • you’d be hard pressed to find a bigger star then the Beatles’ John Lennon, but believe it or not, he nailed his colours to the caravanning mast when he bought a gypsy caravan for his son Julian in 1967;

Steve McFadden

  • when he sets foot outside of Albert Square, you are just as likely to find EastEnders’ Phil Mitchel away in his caravan;
  • he is reported to have been a fan of caravanning for the past 15 years or so and has shared the pastime with other cast members Adam Woodyatt and Patsy Palmer;

Frank Bruno

  • talking of hard men, gentle giant and one-time world boxing champion Frank Bruno is so taken with caravanning that he recently bought his own static holiday home on the Isle of Sheppey – according to a story in the Daily Mail on the 19th of January 2016;
  • the new two-bedroom static caravan is said to have cost him ÂŁ54,000 and is pitched at the Palm Tree Holiday Park in the Kentish village of Eastchurch;

Rio Ferdinand

  • his most recent foray into the world of caravanning was a family holiday at a caravan park in North Wales;

Dame Helen Mirren

  • you probably last saw her looking as elegant as ever, gracing the most recent star-studded awards ceremony;

Helen Baxendale

  • fellow actress Helen Baxendale is said to get so fed up with staying in hotels when filming that she likes to kick back by taking to the open road and camping and caravanning;

John Hannah

  • yet another actor, John Hannah, still has especially fond memories of his childhood camping holidays with parents on the northeast coast of Scotland;
  • when a tent became too cumbersome, the family scaled up to a rented static caravan;

Bonnie Tyler

  • another celebrity with fond memories of caravan holidays in her youth is singer Bonnie Tyler;
  • a native of South Wales, she used to caravan there near the beaches at Porthcawl and Happy Valley, it is reported;

Midge Ure

  • pop group Ultravox frontman Midge Ure spent the first ten years of his life with his parents, brother and sister in a one-bedroom flat on the outskirts of Glasgow;
  • that didn’t stop them all enjoying a week’s holiday in a rented caravan at nearby Largs or Ayr from time to time;

Lorraine Kelly

  • a member of the Caravan Club, Lorraine says that the greatest attraction of the pastime for her is the freedom of the open road;

Danny Dyer

  • Actor Danny Dyer recalls a childhood in which the majority of his friends were jetting off abroad when it came to holiday time;
  • For him, though, the more exciting prospect was the annual caravan holiday on Canvey Island, Essex, with his parents and brother.