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Chain reaction to cut caravan crime

Caravanners holidaying across the Fylde coast this summer will be reassured that a beady-eyed new initiative has been launched to ensure their caravans and contents are just a little safer.

Caravan Watch will operate across ten caravan parks in the area and will involve chains of contacts reporting any ripples of suspicious activity in the area to neighbouring sites.

When one park employee notices anything out-of-place, they will notify one of their neighbouring contacts, who will then pass the message on to the next chain-link on a ‘cascade list’ list of contacts, meaning that all caravan parks should be alerted to potential trouble within minutes.

Details such as car number plates and physical features of suspicious individuals will be noted and the person spotting the original incident will also report it to the Lancashire Police.

PC Sharon Lyons, of Lancashire Police, said: “The Caravan Watch scheme is a simple, yet effective means of communicating any suspicious activity to all of the ten caravan sites in the area, in a relatively short space of time.“ However, PC Lyons continued: “It’s always better to prevent crime from happening in the first place.”

It is also vital to protect your motorhome with comprehensive caravan insurance, as throughout the busy summer season, park workers will not always be able to keep an eye on your holiday home.