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Is cheap caravan insurance a myth?

Finding cheap insurance might seem like a search for the holy grail – something everyone is likely to want but which no one is able to find. A closer look, however, might suggest that cheap caravan insurance is less of a myth than at first it may appear.

What is cheap?

Before going any further, however, it is worth remembering that there is no absolute measure for what is cheap. What might appear cheap to one person, may appear less so to another. The fact is that caravan insurance – just as any other kind of insurance – is tailored to your particular needs and circumstances.

In other words, cheap is a relative term, dependent on an individual’s particular requirements.

More accurate and potentially more useful terms, therefore, might be affordable caravan insurance or caravan cover that is affordable.

Freedom to Go

The wide range of individuals likely to be searching for cheap caravan insurance is well illustrated by a campaign jointly launched at the beginning of 2015 by the National Caravan Council and the Camping and Caravanning Club and described in the 7th January 2015 edition of the Caravan Times.

The campaign is called Freedom to Go and is essentially a call to all newcomers, including younger people, to enjoy the freedom and the outdoor life that may be experienced by caravanning.


Campaigns such as this may well help swell the numbers of caravanners and those looking for cheap caravan insurance.

The bigger the number, the more likely an already competitive niche of the insurance market may become still more reasonable and affordable in the products it has to offer.

As the market grows it is also likely to diversify still further as greater numbers of individuals seek especially affordable insurance for their caravans. There are already products on the market, for example, that are aimed at those with a lower value caravan and who are therefore looking for better value insurance – and if the insured caravan is of a lower value, then premiums might quite naturally be expected to be lower.

Specialist providers

As the market for caravan insurance expands and diversifies, it may become increasingly difficult to find precisely the policy that suits your particular needs and circumstances. Indeed, it is already difficult for the average person to be aware of every type of caravan insurance available on the market – and this problem is almost certain to continue.

The solution lies in taking advice from specialist providers of caravan insurance. Experienced experts such as these may be able to tackle the problem on two fronts:

  • a familiarity with the insurance needs of a wide range of caravanning individuals – on occasion, knowing better than the owner him or herself precisely what those insurance needs may be; and
  • a knowledge of the whole of this niche sector of the insurance market, allowing the provider to identify not only the most suitable and appropriate policies – but also those which represent good value for money.

Keeping in mind that this type of caravan insurance may be better identified as affordable or cover that represents good value for money to the individual owner, it is possible to dispel the myth that cheap insurance for your caravan is as difficult a quest as the search for the holy grail.