Comparing touring caravan insurance

Before you buy any kind of insurance, including your touring caravan insurance, you are likely to start making comparisons between policies based on:

  • what it is you actually need from the cover – the risks and perils you believe that you, other members of your party and the caravan itself might face;
  • the insurance products on the market that are likely to meet your precise needs and requirements; and
  • the price of the premiums you need to pay.

Using a specialist broker

Although that process of comparison might seem simple and straight forward, you might be surprised how relatively easy it might be to overlook some important aspect of the cover you need and, so, run the risk of getting inappropriate insurance – something you might only later discover to have been an expensive mistake.

By the same token, you might find the sheer number of products and the insurers offering them to be more than a little bewildering. You might have made your own shortlist of the most likely providers, but what it you have overlooked the policy that suited you down to the ground? Another costly mistake might be in the offing.

A specialist broker – like us here at Cover4Caravans – has the experience and expertise to make sure that no stone is unturned when it comes to identifying your particular needs and requirements. We have gained a considerable insight into what individual touring caravan owners are likely to want – and have arranged insurance for very many of those customers as a result.

Our ability to match customers’ needs with the products available relies, of course, on our intimate working knowledge of this particular niche in the insurance market. Matching your particular, individual needs and requirements to the appropriate product on the market is our number one priority.

So, although price is not the overriding factor, it is sufficiently important for us to ensure that the caravan insurance appropriate to your needs is also competitively priced.

What to cover?

Different caravan owners are likely to need different types of cover – some more basic and others fully comprehensive. Within these parameters, there are likely to be a number of common threads:

Theft of the caravan

  • the mobility of your touring caravan is a big plus for you – unfortunately, it makes it a tempting and attractive target for thieves too;
  • theft is one of the major risks typically covered by any type of touring caravan insurance;
  • to help mitigate against this risk, you are likely to be required to employ a hitchlock and wheel clamps when you leave it unattended and still attached to the towing vehicle or wheel clamps at least when it is unhitched;

Accidental damage

  • even relatively minor mishaps may lead to extensive damage that is expensive to repair;
  • cover against accidental damage, therefore, is typically included in touring caravan insurance;

Flooding and storms

  • you might reasonably expect your caravan insurance to cover major risks such as fire, theft, impacts (by other vehicles, or from falling trees and branches), and vandalism;
  • two areas where some insurers may impose special restrictions, or even exclude cover altogether, are flood and storm damage;
  • even though careful advance planning of your touring itinerary may help to mitigate the risks, it is important that you understand your insurer’s policies towards them;


  • it is also important to know your insurer’s policies on settlement in the event of the total loss of your caravan;
  • the alternative is likely to be settlement based on the assessed value of the caravan immediately prior to the incident;

Contents and equipment

  • cover for the theft, loss or damage of the contents of your caravan and the equipment you need whilst touring is likely to be important and may save you a considerable cost in repairs or replacement when things go wrong.

When comparing caravan insurance, not all of these elements may be relevant or necessary. Keeping them in mind, however, may help to ensure that you secure the cover you need at a competitive price.