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Cornwall sees caravan crimewave

Caravanners in Truro must be vigilant as a spate of caravan and car thefts have swept across the area, the West Briton reports.

A magnolia Bailey Senator Wyoming 2007 model was the latest to be snatched. It was taken overnight from Carnon Downs Caravan and Camping Park on April 2nd.

Another caravan owner was a victim of burglary after alcohol, food, money, medication and a pair of binoculars were all stolen from a motorhome in Penelewey Caravan Park in Feock.

Other crimes in the area have involved vandalism to cars, a coach and fences.

Ironically, some of the crimes may never be solved as a security camera was filched by thieves in the Kenwyn area of Truro.

Now more than ever, caravanners planning a break in Truro are advised to take out insurance to protect their vehicle and contents.