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Discounts for Caravan Club Members!

Our Touring Caravan Insurance offers discounts for members of any caravan club. We feel that by offering a discount we are recognising the commitment of the serious Touring Caravanner.


We feel that even an inexperienced Touring Caravanner can gain great benefits from being a member of a club, their forums are helpful and if you attend the rallies you can gain a wealth of experience.

There are a lot of Caravan Clubs to choose from and this can include clubs which are run by or on behalf of manufacturers such as the Bailey Owners Club.

There are also the more popular clubs such as the Caravan and Camping Club.

It is important for us to support the existence of these clubs as they are an important part of the Touring Caravan Social Network, we also feel it is important for these clubs to recognise good quality Touring Caravan Insurance brokers like ourselves, we are totally committed to getting the right product for our Touring Caravan customers – probably more so than any other Touring Caravan Insurance Broker in the UK today.

If you would like to tell us about your club or submit an article for our blog then please feel free to do so.