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Fears of fire spreading to caravan park

Around 75 firefighters have been battling a fire in an area of gorse near Tullybrannigan, but the magnitude of the blaze has sparked fears that it may spread to nearby woodland and possibly engulf a caravan park.

Owners of Bonnys Caravan Park, at the base of Northern Ireland’s beautiful Mourne Mountains, will have been praying that fire crews get the fire under control, as flames currently cover a half-mile patch and are tough to tackle because of the terrain.

Gordon Latimer from the Fire and Rescue Service told the BBC: “The fact that we’ve have prolonged periods of dry weather, means the grass is dry quite far down, the winds are coming in off the sea, that’s fanning the flames and moving the firefront on quite quickly. So it becomes a very difficult task.”

He added that the location of the fire meant that dangers “for a lot of people are quite pronounced”.

After firefighters received a call about the burning brush on Sunday afternoon, they dispatched no less than seven appliances, which expect to take a number of hours to get the blaze extinguished.

Luckily, Bonnys Caravan Park is surrounded by concrete thoroughfares, which may help to protect it against spreading flames, yet this incident proves yet again that you never can be too careful with an expensive motorhome. It is always advisable to invest in comprehensive caravan insurance, which is clearly cheaper than replacing a burned-out vehicle.