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Finding cheap caravan insurance

Paradoxical as it may seem, finding cheap caravan insurance is rarely a question of the lowest priced premiums. Instead, it is more likely to be a matter of finding the best value for money

What is good value for money?

Good value for money recognises that not everyone’s needs are the same. Your needs and requirements – including those for your caravan insurance – are unlikely to be the same as your neighbour’s at the campsite.

The first step in finding good value for money, therefore, requires the identification of your own unique needs and requirements. This may be more difficult than it first appears, given the development and increasing sophistication of caravan insurance these days – you may be able to protect against considerably more perils and more closely defined risks than you imagined.

Just as it might be easy to miss a trick when it comes to identifying all your caravan insurance needs, there then comes the equally difficult task of finding the most appropriate product on a market that is surprisingly wide and varied. Unless you have a close or inside working knowledge of that market, you may well miss the very product you need – at the most competitive price.

So the price of the premiums does eventually come into the decision, but not before some taxing decisions beforehand.

A specialist broker

Here at Cover4Caravans we have the expertise and experience to help you on all of these counts, whether you contact us through our website or directly by telephone. We aim to build the kind of personal relationship with you to address the three main elements of securing the caravan insurance you require:

  • by establishing the make, model, size, age and value of the caravan you wish to ensure and the principal ways in which it is to be used – helping us to define the insurance you need, without missing essential components, but sidestepping unnecessary cover;
  • by bringing to bear our intimate working knowledge of this particular niche of the insurance market to match your individual needs to the most suitable products available; and
  • doing all of this with a keen eye on the price competitiveness of the premiums, we aim to quote you cover that represents good value for money.

Further ways to cut costs

Whilst we are searching for competitive quotes on your behalf, you might also want to consider ways in which you might lower the cost of the premiums for your caravan insurance.


The greater the level of security with which you safeguard your caravan, the lower the risk of loss or damage through theft or attempted theft. (Our Caravan Security and Insurance Video explains more).

Improved locks on doors and windows, smoke detectors and maybe even intruder alarms may persuade some insurers to recognise your care and caution by offering discounts on your premiums.

If yours is a touring caravan, it may be at its vulnerable to theft or vandalism when it is laid up for the winter season. An informal arrangement with a local landowner or even keeping the caravan stored on your own driveway do not offer a very high level of security.

To achieve greater security – and gain the chance of a discount on your insurance premiums of up to 15% with ourselves – you might instead choose to store your caravan on one of the secure and purpose designed sites registered with the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA).

Secure storage – and on some sites a limited degree of protection against the elements – may be found at some 500 registered sites around the country – so there is every possibility of your finding one nearby.

To qualify for registration, each member site needs to be visited and inspected by CaSSOA, which has particular regard to the levels of on-site security – the presence of CCTV cameras, for example, guarded entry and exit gates, and a fully fenced perimeter.

Depending on the inspection’s findings, the site is then graded – according to the levels of security offered – as Gold, Silver or Bronze standard.


Improving security of your caravan is one way of your demonstrating that you are prepared to share the risk of loss or damage with your insurer – and for that reason, a discounted premium may be offered.

A further – and potentially even more conventional – way of sharing the risk is to accept a higher level of excess than any which might be compulsorily attached to your insurance premium. In this way, you are effectively increasing the uninsured risks of loss or damage, so that the insurer is having to shoulder a similarly reduced level of risk. For that reason, in exchange for accepting a higher excess, you are likely to earn a discount on the premiums you pay.