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Behind the News: The Floods in Wales

Never has the need for caravan insurance been highlighted better than the recent heavy flooding in Wales, with around 150 people having to be rescued by the Emergency Services and millions of pounds worth of damage caused.

Areas such as Ceredigion were submerged and evacuations carried out, some via helicopter. Prime Minister David Cameron was quick to pay tribute to the emergency teams including the RAF, fire services, coastguard and lifeboat crews as no serious casualties were reported.

The PM was fully briefed by Wales’ First Minister, Carwyn Jones and the Secretary of State Cheryl Gillan on the extensive damage caused to 3 to 4 sites and included rain fall of 4 to 5 foot falling in the space of 24 hours.

The flooding was the worst seen by residents in 50 years and shows how unexpected extreme conditions can cause such chaos.
What is certain is that without adequate insurance protection, thousands of people would have suffered catastrophic losses and insurers have been urged to be proactive when dealing with such claims, as time is of the essence.