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Getting the mozzies to buzz off

We all know the feeling of wee winged beasties ruining the perfect summer caravan holiday by covering the entire family with bites, but the solution to irritating itches could have arrived in the form of a new natural insect repellent.

MozzyOff, which is made from 100 per cent natural plant oils, promises to fend off attacks from midges, mosquitoes, black fly, gnats and other biting insects.

It works, through a scientific formula, that disguises your scent from creepy-crawlies. Studies by the Forestry Commission revealed that MozzyOff outperformed other insect repellents at short and long ranges. Apparently, the Strathclyde Police Force never rely on anything else to protect them during the summer months.

Michael Robinson, founding director of Clear Prospects, which is marketing the miracle solution, said: “Other repellents on the market fend off insects once they have landed on the wearer – our product hides the wearer and dramatically reduces the chances of him or her becoming a target at all.”

“Its inherent soothing properties will relieve the itch caused by any previous bites, while stopping you from being bitten again.”

MozzyOff will not melt your sunglasses, nor corrode your fishing rod, or any other synthetic items you bring with you on your caravan trip, as it contains no chemicals. It also lasts for six hours protection and is water-resistant.

For £9.95 you can protect the whole family with a 100ml bottle or for caravanners on the go a 15ml travel dropper is available, costing £3.95.