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The great British staycation

All the evidence seems to suggest that 2017 is going to be the year of the “staycation” for many British families and celebs.

This term has been picked up from the American “vacation” and it describes the move by many British holidaymakers, away from the automatic assumption that holiday means overseas.

What’s driving this?

Value for money

There’s little doubt that the decline in value of Sterling against the Euro and dollar since 2016 has been a major factor.

That’s largely attributable to uncertainty over the outcome of the Brexit process but the result is that the pound today is buying a lot less abroad than it was earlier in 2016 and before. Suddenly Europe doesn’t look quite so attractive anymore in terms of a low-cost holiday.

By contrast, that drive up the motorway to Scotland or across to Cornwall, is looking much more financially attractive.

British resorts / sites have learned lessons

Going way back to the 1970s, one reason increasing numbers of British holidaymakers fled overseas each year for their break was the rather indifferent state of many British resorts. Some, including some caravan sites, hadn’t really done much to improve their facilities since the 1950s – and that carried on even into the 80s and 90s.

All that now has changed though. Huge sums have been spent in the past 20 years in order to bring the sites and resorts up to 21st century standards. Now the facilities are often excellent and designed with the caravan communities needs in mind rather than just expediency.

A re-discovery of the UK

The UK has scenery and natural beauty that compares very favourably with any major holiday destination in the world.

In past decades, going abroad for a holiday was trendy and fashionable. Today, that’s less so and people are re-discovering the beauty and grandeur of their own country. It has been said that some British holidaymakers were more familiar with the geography of Spain or France than they were that of the UK.

That looks to be changing.

The weather

This is, of course, an old chestnut and one that can’t be ignored.

Nobody is ever going to pretend that the UK is likely to have a reliable Mediterranean summer. What might be called “iffy” weather is always a possibility.

However, two factors in recent years are reducing these concerns:

  • climate change is leading to typically warmer summers;
  • UK resorts and caravan sites are simply much better prepared to offer poor weather entertainment than they were say a decade or more ago.

So, if you get the odd rainy day, it’s not a disaster.

Caravans have hugely improved

At Cover4Caravans, we’ve frequently spoken to people who remember caravan holidays (static or touring) in the 1950s and 1960s and what you hear is fond nostalgia but also stories that are closer to endurance epics than holiday fun.

Today’s technology and caravan design coupled with the new site facilities have simply changed all that. Many caravans today offer exceptionally luxurious and comfortable surroundings (which is one reason why it’s important to make sure you have appropriate touring or static caravan insurance).


For all these reasons, 2017 looks like being another bumper year for staycations.

We think that’s something to be welcomed given the contribution that will make to the overall UK economy.