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Have you got Caravan Insurance?

Do you have caravan insurance? If so, you may already be aware of the peace of mind it offers you. After all, your caravan is an expensive asset, and without insurance, it potentially may cost you a fortune to replace if it was damaged in a flood or fire.

Getting the most appropriate caravan cover

Like any insurance policy, this cover needs to be specific for the kind of caravan that you are using. So you may wish to check with your provider that your policy may cover your:

  • motorhome;
  • static caravan; or
  • touring caravan, as appropriate.

Likewise, you may wish to check that the policy covers everything that you expect it to. Does your caravan insurance cover:

  • the caravan’s structure?
  • the contents? or
  • alternative accommodation for whoever is using the caravan in the event it the ‘van is uninhabitable due to an insured event? (e.g. fire)

When buying caravan cover there are no shortcuts – therefore, do check the small print, or speak to your caravan insurance provider if you are unsure what your policy does and doesn’t cover.

For instance, with a static caravan the details of whether garden structures or any decking may be covered may need checking.

For touring caravans, what about the awning?

Also, if you have recently upgraded your caravan (such as updating the kitchenette), does your caravan insurance reflect the higher value?

For contents, you may wish to consider very carefully which items are taken into the caravan at all. Aside from the fact that the less you bring, the more space you have inside the caravan, your caravan insurance may not cover very high value items, or put a limit on how much it may pay out if something happens to them. So why not use this as an opportunity to have a good clear out?

Getting a quote for caravan insurance

We can help you find the most suitable caravan insurance, either via our online quotation system or our friendly, professional team, who are available at the end of the telephone.

Of course, to ensure that we can help you as much as possible, we will need information about yourself and the caravan. This may include its make, model and age. We may also need to know what security facilities have been fitted (as some policies will demand that you have certain security measures in place), and where the caravan may be taken. Will the caravan be going out of the country? If so, there may be a certain number of days’ continental cover that may already be included in the policy.

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