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Highways Agency upgrades at Easter

The Highways Agency (HA) has announced an upgraded service just in time for Easter, with pledges of immediate incident support vehicles on site to clear roads for holidaymakers.

New specialist teams have been set up to clean up sites where roadworks are in progress, carrying out repairs to safety barriers and other roadside equipment.

The news comes on top of another HA announcement that more than half of all major works on major British roads have been either completed or suspended in time for the Easter weekend.

With twenty-nine repairs completed and twenty-three in suspension, caravanners will find it much easier to navigate over the holiday getaway from April 5th to 9th. Roadworks will, however, remain in place at forty four locations for safety reasons.

Derek Turner, national traffic director at HA said: “Easter is the first opportunity for many people to enjoy a break since Christmas and winter. That is why we are completing and suspending over half the roadworks on the strategic network so that these important roads can be made available to drivers over the holiday.”