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Honeymooners want to teach caravan thieves a lesson

A headteacher will have learnt the importance of caravan insurance when the caravan she was supposed to take her honeymoon in was stolen by thieves.

Rachel Bowater was so dedicated to her job that she and her groom, Michael, invited 37 of her pupils and eight members of teaching staff when they got wed at Derby Register Office on June 22nd. Although the couple planned a caravanning honeymoon, the headmistress insisted on delaying the holiday until the school holidays.

Yet, the couple from Chaddesden’s caravanning dreams were shattered when their caravan was stolen from the grounds of Morley Hall Preparatory School, where Ms Bowater works, the Derbyshire Telegraph reports.

“We’re devastated. It’s just as though someone has broken into our own home,” Ms Bowater told the newspaper.

“Our caravan is an idyllic retreat for us. We have five children so the chances of getting away are few and far between and we relish our weekends, when we do get the opportunity. Now that part of our life has been taken away from us, we’re heartbroken.”

Although the newlyweds usually store the caravan on land in Darley Dale, they were advised to move it to different premises to protect it from local flooding. The couple relocated their intended honeymoon home to the car park of Morley Hall Preparatory School, which they co-own.

The couple had planned to spend a fortnight touring Britain in their Senator Bailey caravan, but discovered to their horror, that the caravan had been taken.

“We have such personal items that are in our caravan,” Ms Bowater said. “All we want is our caravan back so that we can go away and enjoy our honeymoon and now it has been ruined.”

Caravan insurance is vital in such circumstances – at Cover4Caravans, our caravan insurance would have ensured that the couple’s honeymoon was not ruined. In the event of the theft of a caravan, Cover4Caravans will pay for hotel accommodation or the hire of an alternative caravan for a fortnight at up to £75 per day.