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How to economise on the cost of your caravan insurance quotes

For many caravanners, economy is a key consideration when choosing insurance.

Talking to specialist insurance providers, such as ourselves at Cover4Caravans, might be one way to ascertain whether or not your existing caravan insurance quotes constitute good value for money.

You might, however, also wish to consider the following ideas.

Check whether or not you can increase your excess

Some policies might allow you to do so and if so, you might reasonably anticipate a potentially substantial reduction in your premium.

Securely garage your caravan when not in use

Some insurance providers may be so uneasy about caravans parked on public roads when not in use that they may actually exclude it from the cover provided by their policy.

Others might place a very hefty additional premium on a policy if that is where you normally store your motorhome or tourer when you are not using it.

Even if you park it on your driveway or garden, you might still be able to reduce the cost of your cover if you are able to get it into secure garaged storage conditions.

Store your caravan over winter

UK winters are notoriously hard on caravans of virtually all types.

If you are able to move yours off-site and into a recognised secure storage unit, once again, you might see some interesting discounts on your policy.

Be conservative with the equipping of your home-from-home

If you have a static, motorhome or tourer, providers may require substantially higher premiums if you intend to keep things in it such as expensive electronic devices, gadgets or jewellery etc.

In fact, some policies might exclude some or all of these categories of item.

Making your vehicle a comfortable home-from-home might be understandable but removing what might be called contentious objects from it, particularly when it is unoccupied, might help keep your costs down.

Review your site

By their very nature, some sites may involve you in paying a higher premium than others.

Things that might have such an affect are locations known for flooding, cliff-top sites or those which are in or adjacent to, areas with statistically high crime rates.

A little research in advance might save you significant sums in the cost of your policy.