How to find the best touring caravan insurance quotes

Who sells the best touring cover? That may be the $64,000 question – but it is well-nigh impossible to answer!

In reality, the best touring caravan insurance for one person might not be an ideal solution for another.  While your neighbour or colleague may say their caravan insurance is the best, it may not be the best cover for you, as you may have different requirements and usage of your ‘van. The safest way to progress your selection is to decide what you need from your cover and look at the options available to you.

Try to remember not to become too focused on the price alone.  Having very low cost caravan insurance cover won’t be important to you any longer if you find yourself in the position of needing to make a claim.

The best options for you

No one could ever blame you for trying to find the best caravan insurance cover that you can, to help you protect the investment that you may have made in your vehicle.

When you begin shopping around, seeing a product advertised as the best caravan insurance cover may be misleading.

Not only is it a question of finding the best touring caravan insurance for you, but you need to take in to account how often you use your caravan, your views on caravan security and what you can do to help keep your caravan a bit safer – these will all typically influence the type of caravan cover that may be most appropriate for you.

Keep your options open

One of the main elements of getting a suitable caravan insurance deal is choice – which is why you may need to take some time to compare caravan insurance companies as well as policies in order to get the best touring caravan insurance quotes.

When looking for cover, do remember that different policies may offer different levels of cover reflecting the providers’ own view of the importance of the typical risks a touring caravan may face.

Where and how you plan to use your touring caravan

As the owner of a touring caravan, you may fall into one of two broad categories.

You may:

  • do all of your touring in the UK; or
  • occasionally (or frequently) cross the channel and tour the continent.

If you are in the first group, a caravan insurance policy, which does not include continental cover, may be perfectly acceptable to you.

On the other hand, if you do prefer to venture further afield, then continental cover as standard may be a feature of tourer insurance that you actively seek out.

You may also take a special interest in the number of days cover or mileage allowance actually provided by a policy, as this may limit your freedom to travel where and when you choose.

Will I need to pay more for continental cover?

Some policies might offer up to 280 days continental touring cover as part of their standard policy.

Others might offer absolutely nothing and require you to pay extra for cover every time you leave the UK.

If you plan to make relatively frequent flits across the channel, it might be more cost-effective to find a policy that includes cover automatically.

The best touring caravan insurance quotes

The best touring caravan insurance quotes, therefore, are likely to be those that deliver precisely what you need – tailored to your particular, individual requirements.

Further considerations when comparing those quotes might include:

Replacing your caravan following its total write-off

  • the product offerings of insurance providers on this subject vary hugely;
  • some might offer you a new for old replacement if your caravan is up to a certain age limit, providing that you have been the sole owner since new;
  • other policies might be more generous and not take into account any consideration about how many owners there may have been, though there may still be an upper age limit – typically 5 years’ with our policies – after which market value will be used;
  • this underscores the importance of reading your policy very carefully;

The contents of your touring caravan

  • it is typically possible to take out contents cover though you may find there are restrictions in terms of certain types of items being left in your tourer when unattended;

Security – playing your part in mitigating losses

  • if you use our services to help you find a solution to your touring caravan needs, then we may be able to provide you with details of policies where the providers may ask that you take some fairly common sense steps to improve tourer security;
  • for example, it is very common to find terms and conditions in a touring policy that might constrain, under certain situations, where you can take your caravan or where you can unhitch it and leave it unaccompanied;
  • many policies stipulate that you can only unhitch your caravan if you are on a formally designated and serviced touring park;
  • if you leave your caravan unsupervised whilst it is still attached to your towing vehicle, you may need to secure it with both a hitchlock and wheel clamps – if you unhitch the caravan you may be required to fit wheel clamps only;
  • some policies might not allow you to park your touring caravan on the public road when not in use and others may have limitations on whether or not you can take your caravan outside of the UK and if so, for how long;
  • fitting a tracker device to your touring caravan may also help in its recovery following its theft;
  • your touring caravan is probably at its most vulnerable when it is unused, unoccupied and laid up for the winter – recognising the greater security provided, some insurance providers offer a discount if you agree to store your tourer when it is not in use at a registered Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) site;

Check out our short videos on caravan insurance, storage and security here for more information.


  • awnings are a widely popular additional feature of many touring caravans;
  • loss or damage to the awning may be covered by your insurance, but many insurers attach special conditions;
  • storm damage to your awning, for example, may only be covered if you are in or around your caravan at the time the loss or damage occurs;
  • leaving your awning open when you are away from your tourer may, therefore, be something best avoided.

The best touring caravan insurance for you

When you look at the best touring caravan insurance quotes, you may typically find that what is best for you may not be best for another touring caravan owner. There may be policies that offer cover that just strikes more of a chord with you.

Getting some help in understanding what you need to look out for when you compare the best touring caravan insurance quotes is something our service may be able to offer. As specialists in touring caravan insurance, we can connect you with providers of policies that may be particularly suitable for your own set of circumstances not just in terms of the caravan cover offered, but the price too.

The best caravan insurance cover for you, in other words, is likely to be the policy that provides you with the cover you need and at a price that you are happy with.

To answer that question thoroughly, you might want to contact us here at Cover4Caravans, where we will be only too pleased to discuss the subject further with you, help you find what you are looking for, and carefully go through with you any policy in which you are interested – so, please feel free to get in touch!