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How to get the most appropriate touring caravan insurance

If you are looking around for the most appropriate and the best touring caravan insurance cover, you perhaps need, in the first instance, to have a fair idea of just what exactly you mean by the “best”.

Each and every caravanner may have a different view of what constitutes the best tourer insurance for them and what is best for someone else may not be best for you.

For example, when you think about the best touring caravan insurance quotes, do you mean:

  • cheap tourer insurance?
  • the most expensive but one which offers the most cover?
  • the policy that provides you with the cover that you need and want?

As you can see, the best tourer insurance for you may be completely different to what one of your caravan site neighbour considers is the best touring caravan insurance for them. Getting the most appropriate caravan insurance for you is as unique as you are.

So, how do you find the most suitable cover for your tourer?

Shopping around

Most of us might be willing to acknowledge that insurance is not exactly a subject that captivates our interest and that in turn might lead to the danger of simply going with the familiar.

Yet making the effort to periodically compare your existing cover to other touring caravan insurance quotes might yield a number of benefits.

Shopping around lets you compare touring caravan insurance quotes – and the key elements of that comparison are likely to be:

  • the cost of the premiums; and
  • the extent of the cover provided.

Cost – cheap tourer insurance

Seasoned caravanners know full well that cheap tourer insurance isn’t necessarily the best or one that is even suitable for their particular requirements but even so, prices in the marketplace vary and it might be possible for you to find more cost-effective cover than you are currently getting.

If you opt for the cheapest cover, then you may save a little on the policy premiums.

Possibly though, some of the levels of cover provided may be less than sufficient in the event that you have to make a claim. You may also find that continental cover may not be provided as part of the insurance package and that this, if bought separately, may change your ideas about the cheapness of the policy.

On the other hand, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best. The most expensive policy or the one that offers the most cover doesn’t necessarily have to be the best. If you are looking for appropriate cover for your tourer, what’s the point of buying cover that you don’t actually need?

Extent of the cover provided

So if price alone is unable to identify the most appropriate touring caravan insurance to meet your needs and circumstances, how does the extent and breadth of the cover play its part?

The fact is that some policies may simply offer a broader cover base than others and that might be something that it is in your interest to discover.

For example, some but by no means all policies might offer things such as:

  • substantial EU cover as standard;
  • discounts for each year you stay with the policy provider;
  • no age limit covers for owners (upper or lower);
  • no age limits on caravans (though for older vehicles the replacement value used in the event of a claim will be that documented in Glass’s guide).

Of course, the only way you will ever discover the reality of these things one way or another, is by comparing your existing cover to other options that are available in the marketplace.

At Cover4Caravans we would be only too happy to help you review your overall position and to find out what your alternative options might be.

So, would it be worth the effort?

Ultimately, of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Yet by finding a relatively modest amount of time to invest in this type of review, you may be opening up opportunities to save yourself money and to increase the financial protection you have available for your caravan.

It’s difficult to see that you have anything to lose but you may have a substantial amount again.  It’s something that’s worth finding out more about.

Touring caravan insurance quotes

The best touring caravan insurance quotes are likely to be the ones that most closely match your requirements and your pocket.

Sometimes when you are faced with a page of different quotes for insurance, it may be tempting to stick a pin in the list and go for whichever policy you get. Satisfying as this method may be, you may wish to consider applying a little more thought to the touring caravan insurance quotes that you have selected.

But how can you tell the quotes apart, when they sometimes seem so similar?

Look into the detail

Taking a moment to read through the key policy features of the draft policy that you have been provided with your touring caravan insurance quote may be worthwhile, because it is only when you look into the detail of the cover that you may realise exactly what you are about to buy.

The detail of the cover may include:

  • whether the policy includes continental cover, and if so by how much;
  • what exclusions and limitations there are on the policy – for instance, if you bring valuable items with you on holiday in your touring caravan, you may be surprised to learn that some providers may impose a maximum limit on the amount that they will pay out for an individual claim;
  • you may also find that there are exclusions in the policy for the contents of awnings and clauses that qualify when cover for the structures themselves is available;
  • how much the excess is on the policy – if the policy has an excess that is quite high compared to other policies, you may wish to consider whether it is the most appropriate touring caravan insurance quote;
  • after all, you may not be able to afford to make a claim if you cannot pay the amount of the excess;
  • whether there are any terms and conditions that apply regarding security –unfortunately, your touring caravan may be at risk from theft, so you may be obliged to put in place certain security measures such as a wheel clamp and a hitchlock when it is detached from your car; and
  • how they would handle new for old replacement of your tourer if it was written off – some policies may offer a new replacement for tourers up to 5 years old provided you have been the only owner or up to 3 years of age if your caravan has had other owners  – other policies may not be so generous. At Cover4Caravans, we offer new for old cover on both static homes and tourers up to 5 years old regardless of the amount of previous owners.

You might also want to bear in mind that not all providers may offer quotes if you have previously had to claim on your policy.

What about a discount?

If you have been provided with a straightforward quote, have you investigated whether any discounts may be available? You may find that you can shave an amount off the premium simply because of a no claims bonus on another policy you hold; membership of a caravanning club; or thanks to some extra security devices that you have installed (above those which may be obligatory).

We help our customers look for touring caravan insurance quotes online and on the telephone. So whether you feel more comfortable with a computer or a person, we can be of assistance. Likewise, when you have purchased the policy, we can send you the documents by post or by email, hopefully making the whole process as pleasurable and painless as possible!

Getting the most appropriate touring caravan insurance

Although your natural inclination might have been to look for the cheapest touring caravan insurance – especially when times are tight – there is likely to be more involved than simply the price of the premiums:

  • there is a balance to be struck between the cost of a policy and the tourer cover that it may provide;
  • getting this balance right may provide you with a more appropriate level of cover in the longer term than may be the case if you rely on just price alone;
  • for example, if you regularly take your caravan to the continent then a policy hailed as the cheapest caravan insurance but which did not provide you with continental cover may not be of interest to you;
  • there may be certain levels of cover that you may need to have before you would consider purchasing a particular policy, no matter how cheap it is;
  • what you may consider to be cheap tourer insurance may provide you with cover that you may consider essential but which another caravanner may not need – so that particular policy may not appear cheap to them;
  • paying more for the caravan cover you think essential to your peace of mind does not necessarily mean just paying out no matter what the cost;
  • with touring caravan insurance quotes onlinebyou may be able to compare policies offering the cover you need  – you may then be able to identify opportunities where discounts may be available and this may help you to find more cost-attractive cover;
  • getting the balance right and finding cheap tourer insurance may be as simple as just taking a bit of time, deciding what is important to you and knowing where to look.


Finding the most appropriate caravan insurance is likely to involve shopping around, comparing touring caravan insurance quotes, and selecting the policy that offers all the cover you need at a competitive price.

If that sounds like a time-consuming and onerous task, take comfort in the knowledge that it is an exercise which we are able to conduct entirely on your behalf here at Cover4Caravans.