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How your choice of caravan site might affect your insurance

Occasionally, people express a degree of surprise that points relating to their caravan site might have a significant impact on the price of their premium.

At Cover4Caravans, we will be more than happy to explain this in more detail but as a quick overview:

  • in order to arrive at the premium for your policy, an insurance provider may look at a number of factors relating to risk and requirements.  For example, some might offer static caravan insurance new for old cover for a wider range of situations than others and that might have an overall effect on the premium;
  • the caravan site you choose for your static might also be a significant factor in influencing the provider’s perceptions of the risks involved in covering you;
  • if your site happens to be located somewhere with a known and documented history of flooding or which is recognised as being at higher risk of such, it may push the cost of your cover up;
  • a similar situation might arise in circumstances where the postcode of the site itself or perhaps those of adjacent areas, is known to be suffering from particularly high crime statistics;
  • other geographical features of your site might also cause concern, such as if you happen to be located directly on the coast or on a cliff-top location;
  • you might also discover that the facilities available on a site might play a role in the final price you pay for your cover.  An indication of this might be in circumstances where your site was largely unsupervised – something that may be seen as a higher risk than a situation where supervision was in place;
  • likewise, some policies might require that your site is fully connected to all mains services and if it is not, they may apply an additional premium;
  • as one final example, a site which has a recognised history of generating claims for things such as storm damage, might also be seen as higher risk by your policy provider.

The bottom line here is essentially simple.

It might be prudent to fully research your site and its surrounding areas and to take advice from your insurance provider, prior to making your final decision as to whether or not to locate your caravan there.