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I got the Powr

A nifty little gadget has come onto the market, which will make it quick and easy to hit the highway without roping in your disgruntled extended family to lift the caravan while you attach it to your car.

Your neighbours will peep from behind their net curtains with astonishment as you lift and hitch your caravan seemingly single-handedly.

The secret to your success, however will be the ‘Powrtouch’, an electric device which has the capacity to move a 1,200kg caravan up a one in four gradient slope through the wizardry of a remote controlled motor.

Gravel, grass, concrete, paving and tarmac are all no problem for the Powrtouch and it will withstand all weathers.

And when your neighbours have cottoned on, you can impress total strangers on the road with your ability to lift your caravan out of any tricky situation. Laugh as they gaze in awe as your six-year-old daughter raises your motorhome without breaking a sweat.

The basic model costs from £830 and will fit most caravans made in the UK and models to suit heavy-duty and twin-axle requirements are also available, all of which come with a five-year guarantee.

Although the Powrproducts manufacturers can’t guarantee you won’t be the envy of caravanners everywhere.