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I Have Scraped My Caravan – What Should I Do Next?

Accidental damage claims to touring caravans are one of our most common, but below are some guide lines you can follow to help you make a claim.

When you have found out the caravan has been damaged you must advise you static caravan insurers to make a claim.

Equity Red Star (Mon–Fri 9am–5pm) 0844 3350132 (option 2)
AmTrust Europe Claims (Mon–Fri 9am–5pm) 0115 941 1022 (option 2)

(Alternatively you can call the team on 0800 970 7172)

Once you have called you caravan insurance company you must provide brief details of how the damage happened.

You will then receive a claim form to fill in and send back to your caravan insurers.

You will be required to obtain 2 estimates for the damage which can then be forwarded onto your caravan insurance company.

You will then receive confirmation from the caravan insurance company that the claim will be settled or that a loss adjuster will be appointed.

The claim will then be processed and payment will be made.

What you must not do is:

Dispose of any damaged items before the insurance company has inspected them.