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My Touring Caravan Has Been Stolen, What Should I Do?

The shock of having your touring caravan stolen whether from your home or storage site can be rather distressing, but below are a few procedures you must follow to be able to claim through your touring caravan insurance.

Tell the police immediately, and obtain the crime reference number.

Ring your Caravan Insurance company

IGI Claims (Mon–Fri 9am–5pm) 0115 941 1022 (option 2)
Equity Red Star (Mon–Fri 9am–5pm) 0844 3350132 (option 2)

(Alternatively you can call the team on 0800 970 7172)

You will require your policy number which can be found on your policy schedule.

You will be asked to provide brief details of what has happened such as when, where and approximately what time.

You will then receive a claim form to fill in with the full details of what happened, you will need the police crime reference and any relevant information (letters, evidence etc) these need to be passed on to your insurance company.

Your insurance company will then require proof of owner ship of the caravan such as log books, or CRIS registration documents.

After the claim has been processed and the insurance company have agreed the settlement figure the claim will then be paid out to you the customer.

What you must not do is:

Dispose of any damaged items before the insurance company has inspected them.