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Introducing the Bailey Senator Series 6 Carolina

For over 60 years Bailey has produced stunning, top of the range Touring Caravans for the benefit of the general public and to make them as affordable as possible.

The Bailey Senator Series 6 Carolina is part of an established layout which has proved highly successful. This model is a 6 berth Touring Caravan at the higher end of the market, providing families with enough space and luxury with plenty of sleeping options. This top of the range Tourer is a cosy fit with enough space for preparing and cooking food, a walk in shower and swivel bowl Thetford C250 toilet. Mind you, all of this luxury does not come cheap, and is nearer the £17,000 mark to buy from new.

There are some pitfalls to consider before delving into this Touring Caravan. Some of the people we spoke to at the NEC Show mentioned a lack of storage space, which for families on a week�s holiday may bring it’s share of problems.

Overall though this Touring Caravan merits it’s price tag in my view with many benefits, including the alloy wheels and three stacked bunks.

Typically we at Cover4Caravans would be quoting around £251 for the Touring Caravan Insurance for this model.