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It’s Good to Talk

I have become increasingly dependent on the internet. I met my partner online, have purchased goods and services online and made some fantastic new friends online via social media. I have since met some of the aforementioned friends and, whilst I enjoy our online interactions, spending time on a caravan site together talking is infinitely more enjoyable. Never for one minute did I envisage I would say the same about an insurance broker. Well, not quite….we didn’t go camping but we did talk.


My partner and I are purchasing a car we found online. I was tasked with insuring it and my first port of call was various well-known online comparison sites. These generated quotes ranging from the acceptable to the ridiculous. Our current insurance situation is slightly complicated but I couldn’t explain that to my iPad. I needed to speak to someone. I contacted Richard at Cover4Caravans (by direct message!) asking if he could recommend anyone. He offered to put me in touch with Mark at Alan Blunden & Co Ltd.


Mark and I spoke as arranged the following day. Explaining my requirements was less time consuming and more enjoyable than completing another online form. I explained the time pressure to Mark and within hours of our initial conversation  I had an email cover note in my possession swiftly followed by the original the following day.


The internet may be convenient and I wouldn’t be without it, but a person engages in two way dialogue, answers your questions and most importantly fills you with confidence that your cover is suitable for your needs. Sometimes it really is good to talk and if you’re lucky you might save a few quid too thanks to the expertise of the person at the other end of the phone. Next time I need insurance my finger will be entering phone numbers instead of www.

Amanda Regan

May 2014