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Keeping the children occupied on tour

Going on holiday in your touring caravan can be a great idea for your next family getaway. You can see many different places in one trip so that no one gets bored; travel where and when you want to; and go as far as you want, whether you decide to stick to the UK or venture into Europe.

When you go on holiday with kids, however, there is always the worry that you will not be able to keep them amused. This is even more important in a caravan holiday because there may be a lot of driving involved or bad weather means you are all cooped up together.

Here are some quick tips for keeping your kids amused and making sure everyone has a great time:

  • provide plenty of entertainment when driving. Kids get bored very quickly in the car, so make sure they have something to do. This could include books, a games console or simply an audio book of one of their favourite stories. If you have a tablet, this can provide an all-in-one entertainment system to keep the kids occupied. If you don’t you may wish to consider getting an affordable tablet for the journey;
  • if you have a long journey, you could also find out if there are any places to stop off at on the way and break the journey up into shorter chunks. Allow for lots of comfort breaks, too. You could also plan some games to play that can keep everyone occupied and prevent boredom setting in;
  • take an “emergency” pack of non-perishable food and drink, plus handwipes for those sticky fingers;
  • careful planning is key to a successful holiday, so make sure you choose a suitable site to stay at. If you can find a site – or multiple sites – with a playground, shop, clubs and other child-friendly amenities, this could help the children (and you!) enjoy a better time. You can find out more about family sites in the UK at the Caravan Club website;
  • you could also consider staying at sites located near to popular attractions so that you can spend some time doing different things. Or you may want to stay somewhere near a beach so that you always have something to do;
  • a good supply of games is essential when you go camping. Pack a bat and ball, tennis rackets, a swingball set, a volleyball set, a frisbee and, if you have the space, even some bikes;
  • you will also need to keep all these games somewhere, so this could be a good time to invest in a large awning. Just make sure you take security seriously because caravan insurance sometimes does not cover the contents of awnings if you do not take suitable security measures;
  • although you will be hoping for dry weather, always prepare for rain. Pack some rainy-day activities such as board games, cards etc to keep the little ones occupied.


These are just some ideas for keeping the kids happy when you go touring. Remember, planning is everything, so think carefully about how you will keep your children occupied for the long journeys as well as when you arrive at the site, and you should all have a fantastic holiday.