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iCapture Ltd – GPS Tracking

iCapture Ltd have developed a tracking system specifically for vehicles which has real-time tracking and the inbuilt GPS module provides accurate position data.

Product specification:

✔ SMS and GPRS TCP/UDP Communication

✔ Show Location Directly on Mobile Phone

✔ Track by Time Interval

✔ Listen (Voice Wiretapping) (Optional)

✔ GSM Blind Area Memory

✔ Inbuilt Motion Sensor for Power Saving

✔ SOS Panic Button

✔ Movement Alarm

✔ Speeding Alarm

 ✔ GPS Blind Area Alarm (in/out)

 ✔ Power-cut Alarm

✔ Gps Blind area Alarm

✔ Geo-fencing Control

✔ Low Battery Alarm

 ✔ Track on Demand

 ✔ iCapture UK Operations Centre operates 24/7/365 to track all your vehicles


 For more information visit  or call them on 0844 822 3632