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Making use of caravan insurance services

The way that caravan insurance services are provided may have changed quite significantly over the last few years:

  • rather than trailing up and down the high street, you now may be able to organise your insurance for touring caravans by sitting down in front of your computer and accessing the web sites of online caravan insurance specialists;
  • this approach may be able to offer you the opportunity to compare a number of caravan insurance quotes and so allow you to find the policy that seems suitably appropriate for your needs;
  • knowing what to look out for when carrying out your caravan insurance comparison is important though and you may have to be prepared to read through the quotes carefully to ensure that you know exactly what is and is not included;
  • you may be looking for whether or not continental cover is included as standard and if it is, what the limits are for mileage and days you can spend overseas;
  • recovery and breakdown provision may also be an important feature of touring caravan insurance, whether you are travelling in the UK or abroad – with some policies offering alternative accommodation if your tourer has to be towed away for repair;
  • new for old replacement may be another feature of cover that it might be sensible to include in your comparison of policies offered by providers of  caravan insurance services– some policies may use a three year cut off for new replacement while others may use five, which might make a significant difference to you depending on the age of your tourer;
  • you may wish to bear in mind too that the terms and conditions of a policy may contain  reference to actions that are required of you to help keep your touring caravan as safe as possible;
  • these may include having to fit a wheel clamp when you leave your caravan unattended even though it may still be attached to the towing vehicle;
  • if you unhitch your car, then you may be required to fit a hitchlock to ensure that your caravan cannot be towed away while you are not there;
  • some policies may provide cover for damage to your awning but may specify certain conditions to this – for example, storm damage to the awning may only be covered if you were present in the caravan at the time it happened,  so making it your habit to stow your awning away whenever you leave your tourer may typically be a sensible step;
  • you may also find that belongings kept under your awning may not be covered by your touring caravan insurance;

comparing the policies offered by specialists in caravan insurance services may be able to help you match your requirements to a suitable policy – there’s a lot more to it than just looking at the price!