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Minimise your flood risk

Static Home InsuranceIt’s that time of year again. The long summer days have given way to long winter nights, those rare sunny days have become even fewer and further between, and we all start to batten down the hatches against the inevitable winter storms – and the flooding that often follows in their wake.

If you have a static caravan, this may be particularly vulnerable to floods – especially during months when the park on which it is pitched may be closed for the season and you rarely take the opportunity to visit.

After the storms and flooding at the beginning of this year, Aberdeen’s Press and Journal newspaper recounted examples of holiday homes in the area having been ripped apart.

There are ways, however, that you may minimise your flood risk:

What is the risk

  • different parts of the country, of course, have different levels of risk;
  • because of their very nature as holiday homes, parks are often situated close to the coast or along the banks of some scenic inland waterway;
  • it is not just the geographical location of your static caravan park which may determine the risk, but your actual pitch within it – if you are worried about the risk of flooding you might consider bidding for an alternative pitch on higher ground;


  • naturally, you should make yourself aware of any such information provided and enquire whether a flood plan exists – and if it does, be sure to read it;

Static caravan insurance

  • whenever you arrange cover for your caravan, your insurer naturally needs to be able to assess the risks of its loss or damage – that is what insurance is all about;
  • if the siting of your static caravan is in an area perceived to be vulnerable to flooding, or has been affected by it in the past, the insurer takes this into account when offering to insure the risk;
  • the assessment may result in no change to the policy proposal, premiums may be increased to reflect the heightened risk or your request for cover may be rejected;
  • a specialist insurance provider is familiar with the particular problems likely to be faced by owners of static caravans and to have established contacts with those niche insurers prepared to advance cover in areas of risk;
  • if you consider the cost of premiums too expensive, however, a specialist provider may instead offer quotes on alternative policies which provide comprehensive cover, with the exclusion of flood risks in particular.

Wherever your static caravan is pitched, it may be more than usually vulnerable to flooding from rivers or the sea. You might want to research those risks and make yourself aware of local warnings and flood plans before arranging your specialist insurance cover.

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